You Look Bewildered

  You Look Bewildered “Resistance is futile” - The Borg, stardate 43989.1   Much has happened, and perhaps the last week or so could best be described as a blur.    A dream?    A nightmare?    Perhaps both. For the purpose of a starting point however, it begins with nothing more than a vague, distant hissing sound.    Like that of a compressed air line in a workshop, but far more clinical.    Cold. “Stephen.    Stephen”, says a female voice from somewhere far away.    “Can you hear me?    Stephen.    You’ve had an operation”.   In my previous experience with anaesthesia, and mercifully throughout my 52 years, such times are few, it always seems the same.    Hissss….. This time things seem a  little  different though.    I know there’s lights on somewhere in front of my face, but my eyes don’t want to open, so I figure I’ll let this lady know verbally that I can hear her.    But well, nothing seems to some out and I can feel some kind of plastic device filling my mouth on one side.    T