The Numbers Game

  Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right - Henry Ford The start of this process could be labelled in a couple of ways.  It could be thought of simply as Day 1, or as I’ve come to know it in time since, and perhaps it could be said to be more accurate, Day -7. Whichever way one might choose to think about it, one thing becomes clear and unbending:  this whole thing is just that - a process.  In the previous missive however, I described the concept of the times before and the times after, so for the sake of consistency, I choose to stick with that.  As I begin to write this, it is day 70. Ten weeks since my life was saved.  Seventy bonus days, one might say.  But more accurately, and indeed positively, the end of the tenth week of the process: the beginning of the next.   As the saying sometimes goes, life is all about choice.  From the outset, I had really only two that came to mind.  I could choose to let my emotions and the cavalcade of overthought get inside

You Look Like You’re Moving On

It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress  - Jacob, LOST Let’s start this one with the obligatory railway metaphor. No need to go into the intricacies of the repair work.    As with all such things from the perspective of the driver, the train went into the shops for repairs, the fitters have done their work, and now we sit, waiting for the shunter to clear us back out.    Time for some post-maintenance testing. The blocks are off, the light is flashing and now the shunter gives the signal.    One hand raised, the other moving side to side: move towards slowly.    Brakes released, crack the throttle, and slowly forward is the order of the day.    In reality, it’ll be the way of things for many months to come. As part of the process of preparing for open heart surgery, many discussions are had, both from medical professionals and from your wider support network.    In my experience, as soon as family & friends found out what was happening, they were there